New work - direction, experiments

Every time I paint it's an experiment.

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"Artists are like the Phoenix, they periodically have to self-immolate, burn off an aspect of themselves to give birth to something new. The blank canvas demands you exceed yourself. And most times you fail. Transformative art must express something beyond where you are, it demands that you grow beyond your current self. "
Alex Grey

This is Mamaca, he's 14 x 18 - I'm pleased with how he came together - some paintings are effortless, and they just flow - the result here is an unfussy image with clear passages of color.  People will often ask how long it takes me to paint a watercolor painting - the answer is usually "fifteen years and twenty minutes", now that's a bit flippant and I usually spend a couple of days on a painting, but the point is that with watercolor you really can’t labor over it - you risk it looking labored over.  That, to me, misses the point about watercolor.  Watercolor should look effortless, free flowing and spontaneous.  I will ditch a painting and start over rather than rework it.

The title, by the way is a slurring of My Macaw