Because art and work and life tends to get a bit personal.

Art should excite the senses; should not only be pleasing to the eye but evocative to the heart, engaging to the mind.  It should raise as many questions as it answers, it should linger in the memory.  To this end I conscientiously seek out visual opportunities to add tension through the juxtaposition of opposing imagery, abstract and representational, color tensions, format, dimension and scale.   Always optimistic I believe in beauty, I believe in the value of surrounding ones senses in beautiful imagery, for me painting is best when it offers both an aesthetically pleasing image and is also a bit startling; a visual feast that invites the viewer to experience beauty in ways not previously considered, and ways that will linger.

Art is a journey, both for the artist and the viewer.  Whatever raw emotion is stirred in the viewer to appreciate a particular piece is right and appropriate; it represents a place in time along the journey and I encourage its expression, whatever the thoughts are.

My own journey has brought me here today, to this place in time where my path crosses yours, I am honored to share this moment with you and hope that the moment is joyful and lingering.



2015  Honor award, IWS annual juried exhibition

Saint Alphonsus Solo show, Aug 2015

2014 Idaho Watercolor Society 35th annual Juried Exhibition, award Juror’s Choice, for painting “Requiem”


Idaho Watercolor Society signature, merit member


2014 Boise Visual Chronicle purchase award, two paintings acquired by the City of Boise


Currently showing at Green Chutes, Garden City


Currently showing at NfiniT in Boise, Bodo


June 2014 Artist in Resident Anam Cara Artist Retreat, Eyeries, Beara, Co Cork, Ireland


Workshops attended

ISS, Taos NM

Zolten Szabdo

Dale Latinen

Karen Frey

Carol Carter

Nicholas Simmons


BA English Literature, minor fine arts, UC Berkeley, California

AA Liberal Arts focus in Fine Arts, Las Positas College



The harder I work, the more talented I get.